One of the most popular destinations for wine tours is Italy. And in Italy, of course, Tuscany. But more recently, those travelers who have visited everywhere and have seen everything, began to understand that the popular destinations in Italy, unfortunately, do not mean high quality and excellent service. Therefore, if you want something selected with taste, without haste and with knowledge, it is better to find something further away from Tuscany, where the mass tourist has not yet penetrated and where you can see the historic wineries in all their pristine beauty and aura.

Winexperience is one of the companies that offer boutique wine tours in the north of Italy.

Having lived in Italy and got acquainted with many winemakers, local artisans, historians, owners of yachts and helicopters, the future Winexperience owners decided to collect all their experience together and began offering private boutique wine tours to small closed wineries. In those where the foot of the tourist practically never stepped and whose walls keep the secrets of the monks who for centuries produced the wine here for the joy of the fans of Boccaccio.

From a geographical point of view, tours from Winexperience are unique – they pass only in Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont. All wineries open to guests and located in the foothills of the Alps. And this means an ideal climate for winemaking, unique plains and the right soil, where you can grow different types of grapes, which ensures high quality of the wine. It’s no wonder that the winemakers of these regions are very jealous of their business and product. Most of the wines offered during the Winexperience tours are old wines, which formerly were often made only by monks.

These wineries are difficult to find a person who does not live in the region and does not understand the local characteristics – however, these are the best wineries. Choosing places for our trips, Winexperience look not only at making wine a medium-high category, but the winery itself should be breathtaking! All tours include visiting the nearest small town where mass tourism has not yet reached.

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